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Custom Gaskets, Foam & Adhesives
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Custom Gaskets, Silicone Foam
& Adhesives 
Engineering & Design Services - Custom Molding -
Fabrication and Converting - Value Added Services - Liquid Adhesives/Sealants - O-Rings - EMI Shielding

Silicone Rubber solves a myriad of problems

and that's our focus...

We are one of the few mid-sized manufacturers that

provides both molding and die cutting.

Stockwell Elastomerics is continually building capabilities to deliver unmatched responsiveness for designers of technology equipment and OEMs requiring silicone rubber gaskets and silicone cushioning pads to perform in temperature extremes and meet requirements for product ruggedization.

Our prime customer base includes companies in the Analytical Instrumentation, Medical Diagnostic Equipment, Industrial Controls, Information Technology, Portable Data Acquisition, Telecommunications Equipment, Aerospace & Defense, Ruggedized Devices, LED Lighting and Alternative Energy related industries. We are also dedicated to serving original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and users of specialized equipment in the technology sector. The customers who benefit most from our capabilities are those manufacturers who utilize design innovation as part of their strategy to compete in their markets.

Stockwell Elastomerics’ core business is silicone rubber.

In stock is a comprehensive inventory of silicone and other engineered materials that are designed and manufactured to exceed the requirements of the most demanding technical gasketing, sealing and cushioning applications. Our Rapid Response Model would not be possible without our investment in on-shelf inventory of silicone foam, closed cell silicone sponge, solid silicone rubber, liquid silicone rubber and over 20 pressure sensitive adhesives that solve specific bonding challenges. In a business environment where maintaining a large inventory has its naysayers, we believe in smartly buying in ample quantities and holding a breadth of materials.

What we do best is solve design and logistic challenges for our customers in the technology sector.


Frequently our customers designing equipment run into performance challenges towards the end of the design cycle. We are frequently called in just prior to product launch. Our on-site Applications Engineering Team handles requests on a daily basis. Our sampling and prototyping processes were developed to maintain a portion of capacity to support adhesive lamination and water jet cutting of low volume prototypes to handle situations where rapid response is necessary.

In-house CNC cutting, die cutting, water jet cutting, compression and injection molding, and adhesive lamination, supported by comprehensive inventory, complete the competitive advantage.


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Bill Stockwell
Philadelphia PA

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