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Congratulations! You did an awesome job.

Now, how do you get 55,000 engineers just like the people you met at the show to see you
so they can get a quote?

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Now you need to let the same buyers and engineers you saw at the show where we filmed, see it!


The Part Gurus YOUTUBE CHANNEL replicates the type of audience and leads that you get at the show, all across the country, 24/7. The biggest advantage is that our channel gets your company to the top of a Google search page, most cases higher than your own website.

You simply choose the region of the country or all of the USA, tell us who your competitors are and we do the rest.


We will announce your video to our 55,000 engineers and buyers who see our videos monthly, and even reach product designers and buyers on Facebook.

You know those annoying ads that play before a YOUTUBE video?

We block them!


Because Part Gurus is a 5 star, trusted content supplier to GOOGLE, we have permission to turn off advertising that normally would play before and during your video. This ad block switch is only available to YOUTUBE channels with over a million views like us, so if you host your video anywhere else... it will have ads.


If you worry about being found on search engines or social media, and you spend time trying to get your website found, videos actually have six ways to show up higher on google than your own website. the searches are going to Artificial Intelligence and video content is now the number one preferred content by Google.


Want to know more call Tom and I'll tell you why this video is the most cost effective sales tool you've ever had!   203-525-1923

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Budget is set based on your process,
region, time and competitors also there.

Traditional advertising charges you based on the number of viewers or readers that they promise to get you in front of.  Google only charge us for anyone who watches more than 15 seconds of your video which means the average user who is not interested will click the skip button and we are not charged! This is the first time ever that advertising is pay for performance, and because we are such a high rated GOOGLE content provider we pay the lowest prices anywhere.

You control the budget, if it's working well in a particular region then you can turn up the exposure, but everyone wants an idea for a starting point.

Remember, what we offer cannot be replicated by any agency or promotion company anywhere else, because they do not have the rights that come with the YOUTUBE channel that took 12 years to build.

The two top benefits are: NO COMMERCIALS in your video and you pay our wholesale rates which gives you the LOWEST COST available per view.

We have created a starter plan that works well for a company that has one video filmed at the show and it gets you on average of 800-1000 views a month for only $899 a month with a 4 month minimum.

BUT A SUIT FITS WHEN TAILORED and the same holds true for advertising.


Why 4 months? The campaign needs to have activity and feedback so that GOOGLE artificial intelligence can hone your audience and find you the best potential leads.


It's like growing an oak tree, the longer you feed it and let it run, the stronger the roots and trunk becomes so that the branches can reach your new customers before your competition can... the longer you run, the more targeted and efficient it works, and the less you pay as time goes on.

You can talk to Tom Peterson.
203 525-1923

If the starter package gets your attention but you have questions or need special circumstances met... or maybe you want a more comprehensive plan, we also can:

Do a site visit to your facility Many customers realize that showing your actual equipment, people and facility is the best sales tool you could ever have short of a face to face tour. We visit for 2 days and film 10 or more subject keyword related videos that can really impact your bottom line!


Here is a sample of a site visit and landing page we built with the comprehensive sales message that every sales person wants.

                                                                            CLICK IT

Make remote videos Some customers just want some short videos with lower quality standards but still need the guidance of a professional crew. We help you with equipment and remote direction to allow you to film and then you send us the raw video and we edit it into gold for you.

Create email campaigns The most profitable new business comes from existing customers. You would be surprised how little your current customers know about your company's capabilities... even if they have worked with you for years. Using the proper messaging and series of monitored emails, our GURU email funnels will keep you in touch with everyone on your customer or prospect list with you doing little to no work. We have refined and automated the process for you, call us for details.

Use your current videos A few customers have dabbled in videos but realize their own YouTube channel just doesn't get traffic. We can take your videos that are already made and with slight edits and posting on your channel, we can give them the power to work for you like you wanted in the first place.

Bottom Line-  Besides face to face at the trade show, there is no more cost effective way to reach your audience.

So let's talk! I would hate to delete

this great video.

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Call me cell phone - Tom  203-525-1923

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