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Non threaded Fasteners
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Non-Threaded Fasteners
& Cotter Pins
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Custom Lanyards - Stock Lanyards - Nylon Lanyards - U-Lock - Carabiners - SLIC Pins - Clevis Pins - Headless Pins - Ring Pins - Pull Ring - Ball Knob Detent Pins - Bent Arm Pins - Detent Clevis Pins - Hitch Pins - Hair Pin Cotters - Lynch Pins - Crimp Ring Retainers - S-Hooks - Bow-Tie Locking Cotter Kit 

Uncompromising quality, unrivaled precision... 

Custom micro-precision machining for perfect part production

Pivot Point Inc. is located in the small town of Hustisford, WI, and is owned by the Leitzke Family. Since 1929, the Leitzke family has been pioneering the manufacturing of Non-Threaded Fastener Solutions. This tradition of innovation and hard work enable us to meet and exceed our customer's needs. Our ultimate goal will always be your complete satisfaction.


We are highly committed to offering the best service that you've ever come across. We want your experience to be positive and hassle-free throughout. Pivot Point manufactures both stock and specialty Non-Threaded Fastener Solutions. We continually invest in automation, systems and improvements to allow us to provide fast lead times and competitive pricing.


We are widely recognized for our progressiveness in developing new fastener solutions to solve particular fastening challenges. Exclusive innovations include SLIC Pins™, Bow-Tie Locking Cotter™ Pins, Rue Ring™ Locking Cotter pins, Nylon Lanyards™, Infinity S-Hooks™ and more.


Specials are our specialty! If you are unable to locate a specific fastener for your application, put our expertise to work for you! We offer personalized engineered solutions and we are adept at designing specialized fasteners tailored to suit your particular application. Our wide range of machine capabilities include cold heading, screw machining, high speed drilling, ball detenting, assembly and numerous other machining capabilities.


We manufacture with numerous materials including carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and aluminum. We can provide virtually any finish that you require, including electroplating such as zinc and nickel, mechanical plating, black oxide, passivation, anodizing and more.


To better serve the needs of our customers, Pivot Point Incorporated is dedicated to leading the industry of fastening solutions in quality, service and continual improvements through personalized-engineered solutions, rigid ISO 9001 standards, and superior efficiency. All aspects culminating into one overall objective and that’s complete customer satisfaction!

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Pivot Point
Hustisford, WI

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