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Packard Automation
Custom Automated Machines Design-build - Packard Automation
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Custom Automated Machines Design-build - Packard Automation
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packard pouch machine
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Blister Pack Cutter machine - Blisterpack opener - Packard Automation
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Automation Machine Builders in CT - Packard Inc
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World's fastest custom built pen assembly machine - Packard Automation
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Custom Designers & Builders
of Automation MACHINES
Pen Assembly - Packaging - Automated Assembly - System Integration - Material Handling - Blister Card - Tumble Drum - Industrial Automation

We give you so much more than a machine...

You get the thinking that will improve your process

and help you be more profitable and efficient.

Packard Automation is an industry leading supplier of custom automated manufacturing machinery. Our custom machinery is built for manufacturing applications across several industries.


By merging innovative technologies and more than 33 years of experience, we offer equipment solutions with a history of proven performance. From stand-alone machinery to entire turnkey systems, we help customers solve their manufacturing objectives. In addition to our custom equipment solutions, we have developed a line of standard equipment to meet high customer demand, such as blister card openers, or tumble drum sorters.


We offer single-source capability that ensures control over every aspect of system development and cost. The result of this approach is automation systems that deliver the world's leading performance and reliability, with exceptionally fast payback. Breaking through

the limitations of conventional thinking, we provide a comprehensive range of value-added engineering services to achieve innovative manufacturing solutions that deliver the highest productivity at the lowest cost per part.


We do not pre-manufacture any of our automation systems or assembly machinery.

They are all custom made to your specifications. We make our machines fit into your current assembly line and interface with your existing equipment.


Our customers never need to buy a machine with unnecessary options

like other mass produced machines.


Give us a call!

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Packard Machine Builders
Prospect, CT

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Ask a Guru questions will go directly to our experts and they will get back to you ASAP.


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