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Membrane switches & graphic overlays

Graphic Overlays & Membrane switches
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Precision Printing &
Graphic Overlays
Vinyl Labels - Nameplates - Control Panels - Domed Labels - Logo Labels - Warning Labels - Electrical Film Insulators - Serial & Barcode Labels - Window Decals - Danglers & Bottle Neckers - Headers & Blade Signs - Floor Graphics - Shelf Graphics - Counter Mats - Packaging Prints 

All your printing needs...under one roof! 

from concept through fulfillment.

We print on a wide variety of materials like paper, plastics, corrugated and

other specialty materials. From concept through fulfillment, we can provide you with a team of experienced professionals dedicated to creating maximum POP impact in an increasingly complex and competitive retail environment. We work with national retail accounts, as well as a host of agencies and design firms.


Using electroluminescence technology, iGraphics has developed dynamic

thin film animated light display application for a variety of industries. Surface Animation ™ graphic images contain layers of light-emitting inks that sequence in a user-defined pattern.


We offer inventory fulfillment, and we can store your stuff. We also have built a custom shipping and fulfillment system that allows us to customize literally every

single package that comes down the line as easily as if every kit were the same. Quality control measures include programs that determine the weight of the box and every item that is supposed to be packed in that box so that we can automatically check that everything that you need is, indeed, in that box. Once it ships, we can auto generate an email that will give you content and tracking information. Like everything else at iGraphics, we take fulfillment and bring it to the next level.


Our 3 facilities in California and Michigan can serve your every need for screen printed custom labels and signage, large format screen printed or digitally printed graphics, roll labels, decals, corrugated displays and packaging or shelf graphics for the in-store environment.


We also have a state of the art pick to light fulfillment system conveniently

located in the Midwest. This system provides you with the flexibility to build kits

tailored to the specific needs of the recipient, at one location, or multiple destinations.


Our ultimate goal is your success!

We’ll provide you with the highest quality graphic components for your products.

Our skilled designers and engineers will help you specify the right materials,

adhesives and printing process to make your next Graphic Overlay or Label project

a success!

When you’re looking for a company that can handle all of your printing needs under one roof, iGraphics is your answer!

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Grass Valley, CA

If you still don't see what you need, you have a question or need help with a process...

Ask a Guru questions will go directly to our experts and they will get back to you ASAP.


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