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Low to Mid Volume

Low to mid volume made in USA
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Electronic Assembly & Manufacturing
AOI/X-ray - Box Build - Engineering - PCB Assembly - Automated/through-hole - Surface Mount Technology - Prototyping - Testing

We provide the highest quality circuit board

and electronics assembly to fit your needs

offering turn-key solutions for the low to mid-volume range. 

Genie Electronics Company, Inc. is recognized as a leading electronics manufacturing services (EMS) provider. We specialize in providing the highest quality RoHS compliant electronics assembly, and our products and services are consistent, repeatable and reliable. Our speciality is the low to mid-volume range. 

Several of our customers are in the medical industry, and we succeed there because OEMs

need to know the origin of every component to their products. Offshoring falls short.

We eliminate supply chain interruptions by providing manufacturing services you need, providing high quality and delivery and reducing your administrative costs for your project.

Our business is mostly turn-key, which means we buy the bare circuit board, the components and then we assembly the product and test it for your specific needs. Every board that runs through our surface mount equipment goes through the automated optical inspection to verify that every part that is supposed be on the board is on the board. 


Design related questions and issues become an integral part of the consistent communication necessary in a successful customer partnership. Not only is Genie adept at building your electronic assemblies, but we offer design for manufacturability consulting services as well.


Our engineers are dedicated to continuous improvement of product quality; ensuring new products meet the exacting demands while striving to lower costs.


We’ll do what we need to do to make your business successful. Give us a call!

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Bill Duncan
Yorkana, PA 

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