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Rapid Electronic Prototypes 

1-3 day assembly
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Printed Circuit Boards 
Commercial - Military - Circuit Boards - PCB - Assemblies - Consulting - Custom Laboratory Analysis 
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Quick turn military (ITAR) and aerospace complex PCBs

with a 3-day prototype program. 


Need a prototype PC Board designed or built?

We offer complete solutions for supplying Complex PCBs.

This would include the design, specification, procurement, and testing.

For PCBA, we can provide any technology presently in use in the commercial world

with class 3 Quality.   

We were formed from the technical core of a 40-year old military design and build firm.

Our services are exclusively Military (ITAR) and Aerospace.

DIVaero has a 3-day prototype program.

Plus we will act as a liaison to your production volume supplier when the time comes.

For Laboratory Analysis, we offer the ability to perform all of the testing in the IPC-TM-650 specification. For Design, we offer PCB Layout, Solids Modeling, Hardware Design and Software.  

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Stan Bentley
Indianapolis, IN

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