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Fasteners & Hardware
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Fasteners, Screws, Hardware
and Latches 
Graphic Overlays - Membrane Switches - Silicone Rubber Keypad - Back Lighting - Labels & Decals - Instrument Dials & Gauges - Materials & Inks - In-Mold Decorating
E-textiles - Capacitive Touch - Force Sensing
Resistors - Biosensors - In-Mold Electronics

Uncompromising quality, unrivaled precision... 

Custom micro-precision machining for perfect part production

We are a recognized leader in fastener distribution. Since inception, we have

been focused on providing solutions for fastener applications in Sheet Metal Fabrication, Metalworking, and Industrial Electronics.


The manufacturers we represent are the best in their respective industries.

Our "Superior Customer Service" and "Commitment to Excellence" has proven to be

a winning formula fueling innovation and rapid growth year after year. DB Roberts

has taken steps to ensure that "conflict minerals" do not find their way into the supply chain.


We are the world’s largest PEM distributor, and an authorized distributor of

other products from Southco, Accuride, Sugastune, Device technologies,

POP AVDEL and Spiralock.


We are a stocking distributor and ship the same day.

You can get parts from the catalog or you can order a custom part that they will inventory and ship as needed to be your supply chain partner.


Give us a call today for any of your fastener supply needs.

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John Cox, Sales
Wilmington, MA

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