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Rubber Molding- Small Parts, Tight Tolerances

Small complicated rubber parts
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Precision Molded Rubber, Plastic & TPE
Injection Molding - Compression Molding - Transfer Molding -  Plastic Injection Molding - Micro Molding

We specialize in small parts that are challenging

geometrically to mold...

precision molded, engineered products with tight tolerances. 

Da/Pro Rubber, Inc. has been a leading custom manufacturer of precision rubber,

TPE and plastic molding products since 1960.


The proprietary Da/Pro process automatically adjusts for rubber compound and rubber part configuration variables. The result is repeatability of precision high tolerance parts of consistent quality in production quantities minimizing the need for secondary de-flashing operations.


Da/Pro is well known for high precision, close tolerance custom molding services and can manufacture liquid injection molding (LIM) to these same demanding standards. Custom compression rubber molding and transfer rubber molding consists of an automatically controlled rubber molding machine developed by Da/Pro Rubber. The custom molding complex is designed to adjust for compound or part configuration variables. The molding process is computer-controlled and monitored to maintain consistent molding conditions, thereby assuring duplication of product throughout the molding cycles.


At Da/Pro, we strive for world-class customer service by offering complete in-house capabilities from design assistance for the mold ability of the component, rubber compound development, laboratory testing, mold construction, sub-assembly and full service quality assurance.


Our precision molded rubber capabilities also include our class 10,000 clean room for

molding health care and other precision molded rubber parts requiring special handling.


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Newburyport, MA

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