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Crawford Manufacturing
Baltic, Ohio

(330) 897-1060

Metal Stamping & Slide Forming
Wire Forms - Metal Stampings - Springs - Assemblies 
In-House Tooling - Slide Forming Machines 

Up to 50 tons Press - up to 800 strokes per minute

Material Thickness: .005 to .125”

Deburring, Spring-back and Tensile special requirements, Reel-to-Reel production

We specialize in high volume stampings

We focus on small to medium sized stampings at high volumes for consistent performance.

We can build a specialty tool or die to meet your exact needs using our CAD design suite.


We offer design assistance, prototyping, multi-slide and progressive die making capabilities.

From small clips and fasteners to medium sized clamps and brackets, you can rely on Crawford’s high quality, cost effective, precision metal stampings. Our solution oriented engineering department knows how to make the seemingly impossible… possible.

Metal stampings are used in a large variety of ways, and Crawford’s commitment to documented quality standards has brought the manufacturing process down to a science.


With our broad capabilities and years of experience, we can take your design and create a part with effective precision. We want the quality of our products to speak for themselves. With press speeds of up to 800 strokes per minute we can make your stamping with speed and accuracy.

We use a CAD based design suite to start our projects with exacting accuracy.

Our effective tooling equipment includes Wire EDM and EDM Hole drilling, which allows for

in-house completion and full quality control of the final product.


Our high quality wire form, spring form, metal stamping, assembly and packaging capabilities allow us to serve a diverse marketplace. We make thousands of wire forms, with products as diverse as burial vault handles, residential yard stakes, dishwasher baskets, pressure gauges

and much more. We use Carbon Steel, Brass, Copper, Stainless Steel and other metals.

We serve the electronics, communications, connectors, appliance, automotive after-market, agricultural, O.E.M. (Original Equipment Manufacturer), retail, and other industries.


Our key to success is to produce consistent quality products.

Our Quality Management System, based on ISO9000 standards, ensures your project

meets superior standards for quality every time. 

Drop us a line, our engineering department and experienced tool and die makers

are ready to work with you on your next project.

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