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Metal & Plastic coatings
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Liquid, Powder & Teflon Coatings 
Waterborne - Solvent - Powder - Conductive (EMI/RFI) & Fluoropolymer Systems on Plastics - Ferrous and Non-ferrous Substrates

With so many cosmetic approaches to color coordination

striking product statements can be made by combining

different paint textures and technologies.
Live a little... go for it!

Craddock Finishing is a contract production painter/applicator of innovative coatings using technologically advanced processes. Liquid coating, Powder coating, Teflon Coating and conductive finishes are specialties of our family owned business.


Coating Capabilities include Waterborne, Solvent, Powder, Conductive (EMI/RFI) & Fluoropolymer Systems on Plastics, Ferrous and Non-ferrous Substrates.


Our customer diversity paired with increasing demands gives us a competitive advantage. Trusted by a diverse number of manufacturers, Craddock puts the finishing touches on products from military vehicle components to tractor/trailer wheels, from centrifuges and dialysis machines to medical implant batteries, and from recreational watercraft to motorcycle parts. The United States Military is the only Military power in the world with LED lights. We perform the finish on those lights. We also finish the Segway. 

More than 1,100 feet of overhead conveyor will transport your product to and through the various departments. The destination may be one of two overhead chain lines (total 880 feet) with both liquid and powder capabilities. 

The more labor intensive parts (multi-color) may be gently processed through one of five freestanding “batch” booths where attention to detail does not allow for automated product conveyance. In all, 18 spray stations and five separate automated lines can greatly impact the appearance of your product.

We are ISO 9000 Certified. 

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Craddock Finishing
 Evansville, IN

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