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Automation, Robotics

& Motion Control



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Automation Robotics & Motion Control
Pneumatics - Machine Guarding and Framing - Electric Actuators - Conveyors - Automation - Motion Control -
Robotics - Compressors - Vacuum Pumps – 2 Finger Grippers 

Our robotics work in-conjunction with humans...

ideal for heavy duty material handling & machine tending

The Knotts Company is an automation solution provider representing industry leading manufacturers of industrial, automation and robotics products.


The Knotts Company’s core competencies include Pneumatics, Machine Guarding and Framing, Electric Actuators, Conveyors, Automation, Motion Control, Robotics, Machine Safety and Compressors.


Armed with in-depth knowledge, we collaborate with customer experts to create higher level solutions including technology, products, integration, machine building and other services for increasing performance, productivity and profitability. 


Our services address the efficiency and effectiveness of your procurement, inbound logistics and operational processes. We free up valuable resources to focus on more

pressing strategic issues that will enhance your bottom line.

  • Total Cost and Acquisition Analysis

  • Co-Engineered Solutions & Systems

  • Modified & Standard Component Sub-Assemblies

  • Kitting & Packaging Solutions

  • Control Panel Assembly

  • Machine Frames & Guarding

  • Software & Programming Support

  • Training Classes Covering a Full Range of Technologies & Products

  • Technical Support With Documentation & CAD Drawings

  • Customer Specific Inventory Plans


We have an experienced team of employees who apply their in-depth knowledge of our products to solve your business needs. We strive to understand your needs and business throughout our interactions. 


We offer Mobile Industrial Robots and Universal Robots for on-site demonstrations.

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Association for High Technology Distribution AHTD 

Motion Control & Motor Association MCMA Member

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Suzanne Tracey, Business Development Manager
350 Snyder Ave. PO Box 611 Berkeley Heights, NJ 07922
(908) 464-4800


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