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Aluminum & Zinc

Permanent Mold Castings



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3. Permanent Mold Aluminum & Zinc Castings
4. Aluminum Castings - Zinc Castings -  Full machine shop dedicated to machining of castings - Finishing services

5. At Cardinal Aluminum, we are committed to quality and innovation. From our multi-axis CNC machines to our state of the art Powder Coat Line, you can be assured that we are constantly searching for new methods and technologies to add value to our products.From our beginnings in 1946, Cardinal’s primary focus has been helping our customers succeed-and we’ve been doing it ever since.

You see, when you’re selecting an extruder of aluminum components, you should expect a lot more than just simple extrusions. You’ll get more done and feel more comfortable with a company who assures you of a long-lasting relationship, the highest quality production, just-in-time delivery, immediate customer response, and a full range of extruding, fabricating, machining, anodizing, powder coating, and finishing capabilities.


Simply put, you can depend on Cardinal Aluminum for complete satisfaction every time.

We measure success by our contributions to the excellence of your products. That’s why we offer you all the tools-the capabilities you need and want-to design your products exactly the way you want them.

Since 1946, Cardinal Aluminum has operated under one simple guiding philosophy: we take total responsibility for the end product, from die to delivery. And that means total responsibility for everything we do-die design and construction, selection and approval of raw material and external processes, extrusion quality, fabricating tolerances, color fidelity and consistency, finishing processes, and packing.


6. We are ISO 9001 Certified.

7. Short lead times of 6-8 weeks compared to 10-14 at other permanent mold shops

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Joe Burns, Special Accounts Manager
6910 Preston Hwy. Louisville KY 40219


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