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Stock & Custom Springs
Compression - Extension - Torsion - HEFTY™ Die Springs - REDUX™ Wave Springs - LeeP™ Plastic Composite Springs - Battery Springs - Continuous Length Extension Springs
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In stock, and ready to ship or made to your specifications.

Highest quality products with the best selection available globally... 

Lee Spring manufactures and distributes mechanical springs, wire forms, stampings and fourslide parts worldwide.


We offer an extensive product line of more than 25,000 inventoried products in a variety of materials available in stock and ready to ship today. In addition, we also manufacture springs made to your specifications. From short run prototypes to long run production, we can support your needs when and where you need it in the world.

We have extensive global capabilities to manufacture engineered springs, wire forms and formed metal parts with precision and world leading quality. No matter the size of your order, whether stock or custom made, we are committed to manufacturing excellence and on-time delivery anywhere in the world.

Stock Springs

We offer more than 25,000 stock spring designs to ensure you can select the right design from our extensive inventory. Finding the right spring is easy with both our online search and comprehensive stock catalog detailing each spring’s specifications. We also offer value added services like plating, passivation, engineering and technical support, grinding, RoHS compliance, CAD downloads and more. Selection includes a wide range of compression, extension, torsion, wave, flat and specialty springs.

Custom Springs

Our extensive custom capabilities and engineering support from design through production are world leading. For more than one hundred years, we have offered a wide range of custom spring capabilities, design options, and extensive material and finish selections. With extensive experience working with various industries, we can manufacture the right custom spring for your exact application. From short-run prototypes through long range production, we have the knowledge and experience to support every stage of your custom design, manufacturing and distribution.


Our engineers can offer assistance from design conception through project completion while working with customer design teams. From the simplest to the most complex project, Lee Spring has all the necessary resources your project needs.


Our expanding global presence and knowledge of the worldwide marketplace puts Lee Spring at the leading edge of creating market specific solutions for customers’ needs.


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140 58th St. Unit 3C Brooklyn, NY 11220


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