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Custom Molded Rubber Components
Engineering & Design Services - Custom Molding -
Fabrication and Converting - Value Added Services - Liquid Adhesives/Sealants - O-Rings - EMI Shielding

Guaranteed on-time, on-budget delivery...

for gasketing, sealing, insulating and vibration isolation solutions 

Greene Rubber Co has been in business since 1931. We have extensive capabilities in rubber processing including rubber molding, extruding, vulcanizing, grinding, slitting, laminating, and die cutting using the latest engineering and manufacturing processes.


We offer a combination of proven engineering and manufacturing expertise.

Whatever your requirements, Greene Rubber gives you the promise of an experienced team approach to solving your critical application needs.  

We are considered a premier manufacturing company in the elastomeric technology field. At our manufacturing facility in Danielson, CT, our engineering team provides custom-designed products and solutions for clients in the medical, aerospace, defense and industrial markets. We are well known for our precision molding and diverse manufacturing capabilities, including rubber-to-metal bonding for shock and vibration isolation.

In our state-of-the-art testing facility, we use the latest in finite element analysis, computer-aided design and proprietary dynamic analysis software to optimize designs quickly, resulting in shorter product development cycles for our customers. These tools help  eliminate costly design iterations and produce innovative products quickly and cost effectively. For unique applications, our engineers have the ability to build customized test systems to reproduce real-world conditions.


With our broad range of capabilities and services we are able to take a concept from design, to prototype, to production, providing all the necessary resources to complete your project on time and on budget.

Our commitment to continuous improvement is constant year after year.  

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Steven Holm, Sales
20 Cross Street, Woburn MA 01801
(781) 937-9909
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