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From e-textiles to membrane switches

Membrane Switches - Graphics
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Membrane Switches
Graphic Panels
User Interfaces
Graphic Overlays - Membrane Switches - Silicone Rubber Keypads - Back Lighting - Labels & Decals - Instrument Dials & Gauges - Materials & Inks - In-Mold Decorating
E-textiles - Capacitive Touch - Force Sensing
Resistors - Biosensors - In-Mold Electronics

We believe that exceptional Human Interface Design makes the user experience efficient, elegant and enjoyable in the operation of a machine that produces the desired result.

BTI can produce proof of concept models, functional models or functional prototypes at the right level of detail for your project.


We produce labels, graphic overlays, membrane switches, and screened circuits with quality and accuracy to test fit, form and function. Using our cutting edge digital printing and laser cutting capabilities, we are prepared to meet your stringent delivery requirements. We can deliver rapid prototype graphic overlays and rapid prototype membrane switches as quickly as 2 business days after you approve the Butler Technologies’ design.


Smart fabrics are fabrics that enable electronic components such as a sensors, heaters, lights, and electronics to be embedded in them.  Because of the ability of the ink and substrate to flex and stretch, embedded sensors and circuits will conform to the body’s curvature and not hinder movement. Since these sensors are printed on thin films, very little weight is added to the fabric through incorporation of this exciting new technology. Circuits are printed on thin substrates that can be heat transferred to textiles using traditional equipment in the garment decorating industry.

We believe our responsiveness sets us apart from our competitors, responding quickly and with enthusiasm. BTI is eager to push the envelope of what is capable with today’s technology. We embrace technically challenging projects.


Through collaboration we enjoy creating new methods, ideas, and products.

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Butler Technologies
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