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Micro BGA & Box Build

Micro BGA, box build - ARCtronics
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Custom Electronics
Printed Circuit Assembly - Cable & Harness Assembly - Electro-Mechanical & Box Build Assembly 

Offering unequaled service, value and flexibility... 

offerings ranging from 18 layer boards with 3,000 components... 

to small boards with only 2 components 

At Arc-Tronics, it is our goal to offer unequaled service, value and flexibility in electronic manufacturing services for customers in the industrial, medical, aerospace, space and defense industries. We are constantly working to better our capabilities, and aim to ensure long-term loyalty and benefits to customers and team members for mutually benefiting partnerships.

Beginning with a formal New Product Introduction (NPI) review, our team ensures your product is manufactured to your specifications. Product configuration is tightly controlled by the customer’s part number, revision, and approved vendor list (AVL). Quality is integrated into the process and issues performance reports to management for analysis and continual improvement.

PCB Assembly Group

All printed circuit board assemblies are built to IPC 610 Class II or III depending on customer requirements. 

Cable & Harness Group

All cable and harness assemblies are built to IPC 620 Class II or III depending on customer requirements.

Electro-Mechanical Assembly Group

Production Engineering plans the assembly steps, issues detailed work instructions and creates CAD   drawings that detail complex mechanical steps.Custom components are carefully inspected to assure conformance.  Attention is given to part quality and the customer’s functional and cosmetic requirements. Our testing capabilities include in-line functional testing and more.

Arc-Tronics offers complete technical support on your projects. The in-depth experience of our engineering group is a critical asset for our customers. We are specialists in a broad range of applications, including advanced electronic system design and CAD printed circuit board layout. Our diverse capabilities and expertise assure the fast turnaround of pre-production units and engineering prototypes.

From our top-flight engineers and our highly trained technicians to our outstanding support personnel, the people who make Arc-Tronics exceptional are at your service.

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ARC tronic
Michael Goeringer
Elk Grove Village, IL

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