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Electroplating & Anodizing
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Electroplating - Anodizing
Masking - Rack - Barrel
Precious Metals - E-Polish
Sand Blasting - Wet Blasting


AOTCO is a NADCAP accredited specialty metal finishing company serving the medical, aerospace, defense, optical, and other advanced technology industries.

We provide electroplating, anodizing, passivate, and surface cleaning/treatment. We plate precious metals (gold, silver, rhodium), palladium, electroless and electrolytic nickel, copper, tin, tin/lead, and other materials on broad range of substrates, including exotic substrates such as Beryllium, Albumet, Titanium, AlSic, and more.


We also provide sulfuric and hardcoat anodizing, passivate, e-polish, sand blasting, wet blasting, and other surface treatments.

AOTCO specializes in high-precision, complex, and difficult-to-produce jobs, including complex masking and multi-material plating. We also have a highly experienced and respected engineering team that specializes in solving plating problems and designing new processes. We hold NADCAP’s highest rating with 24-month merit status, and are currently pending ISO 13485 certification audit.

AOTCO stands for the “Always On Time Company.” We bend over backwards to provide rapid turnarounds while delivering exceptional quality and service. Our goal is to revolutionize the plating industry, by bringing the most respected industry veterans together with cutting-edge technologies, tools, and management practices.

We are the leading supplier of specialty metal finishing to specifications-driven industries. We provide quick, reliable, top-quality plating and anodizing across a broad range of substrate metals.


AOTCO is NADCAP AC7004 accredited and follows a stringent quality control system that consistently delivers the highest quality standards with industry-leading lead times.

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Billerica, MA

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