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3D Print to FULL Production

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From 3D printing to full production
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From 3D Printing to Full Production 
CNC - Die Casting - DMLS - EBM - FDM - Injection Molding/Compression Molding - Die Cutting - Multi Jet Fusion - Polyjet - RTV Molding - SLS - SLA

We are your one stop shop...

We cover all of the bases when it comes to custom plastic and metal manufacturing, from first concept prototype to production.

Additive Manufacturing was created from a desire to offer outstanding customer service while providing our customers with experienced and technical part feedback and creation.


With over 25 years of conventional and advanced additive manufacturing industry experience, our customers get the answers they need to help bridge the knowledge gap between new and traditional manufacturing technologies. After the manufacturing solution has been established,

we use the optimal metal or plastic technology to create the best part on time.

Using the latest machinery and software we provide 3rd, 4th and even 5th axis machining services, and can quickly produce parts, models, fixtures, and tools for short-run and

high-volume quantities.

Some of our additive manufacturing capabilities include... 


Die Casting

Ideal for mid to high-volume production, die casting is the equal to injection molding for many geometries that need to be made in metal.

Direct Metal Laser Sintering

We also offer high quality Direct Metal Laser Sintering which is the leading metal additive

process used to create robust and fully dense metal parts from multiple alloys.


Fused Deposition Modeling

(FDM) extrudes production-grade thermoplastic material to produce prototypes and additive manufacturing applications. Completed parts are robust, paintable, extremely high in accuracy, and have crisp details.

RTV Molding/ Urethane Castings

Room Temperature Vulcanizing (RTV) is a short-run molding process centered around a silicone mold or molds that produces anywhere from 5 to 200+ urethane-based parts from materials that simulate injection-molded plastics.

Give us a call today...we will partner with you to solve your 3D printing and traditional manufacturing needs!

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Gates Frazier
Lake Forest, CA

If you still don't see what you need, you have a question or need help with a process...

Ask a Guru questions will go directly to our experts and they will get back to you ASAP.


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