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Supply chains getting tighter, find new suppliers.

Welcome to the video showcase of America's best suppliers of custom
parts & services
The best parts come from the brightest minds.

Part Gurus are some of America's best contract manufacturers. This 
sourcing site is
ALL Video CONTENT which allows you to virtually tour each plant and get an introduction to the actual people who could make your parts. The unique feature of ASK A GURU is how you can get your problems solved and questions answered. So go ahead... watch and ask!
What is a Part Guru?
Sourcing custom parts the right way is more complicated than sending a print for a quote. Part Gurus are seasoned experts in their particular manufacturing process and are here to help engineers and buyers find the best methods and designs to keep costs down and to keep manufacturing in the USA.
Who should use this site?
We are tied to Design-2-Part trade shows and there are
10-12 physical shows to visit per year. Click here to see the shows near you.
Is there a physical show to attend?

Watch videos of America's best contract manufacturing suppliers who will help you build a better part or guide you to the right source for your parts and services.